Friday, November 2, 2007

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Give some thought to your centerpiece today. Better, Homes and Gardens has a few galleries of centerpiece ideas.

Fruit Centerpieces
Easy Centerpieces
Pretty Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Here are a few of my favorites. I especially like the ones that encompass pumpkins, candles, and bittersweet branches. I also think pomegranates would look very pretty as part of a centerpiece.


I think the pumpkin composed of mums in this centerpiece is so ingenious. You would definitely need to carve out some time the night before for this project. Too long and the flowers might get limp.





This is my favorite, simple yet elegant. The wooden ice bucket keeps it from feeling stuffy, it feels very homey. However, I think the white of the flowers and the silver accent on the candlesticks dresses this up. LOVE IT!


And finally, I'm leaning towards something incorporating more of these types of elements.



Make sure to make note of what you need so it gets added to your shopping lists and timeframe, if it requires assembly. In my case, I have several long tables, which will be set up in a U shape in order to get everyone at one table and able to face each other. So I will need several centerpieces that will be low enough to see over. I have a lot of copper pieces scattered around the house that I am planning to pull together and fill with apples, pumpkins, pomegranates, pears and nuts. I think the colors will go well, and the pomegranates and nuts can tranfer well enough as the Christmas season begins. Since they can all be used for baking nothing will go to waste.


Misa said...

I love the look of pumpkins. I once kept a sugar pumpkin on a shelf for about two years then it accidentally got wet and had to go. I kind of missing having it there all the time.

The mums-pumpkin looked amazing!

Zaya said...

I saw the mums-pumpkin and immediately wanted to make it for a centerpiece. I'm going to put together my own cooking timeline this weekend and see if I can squeeze it in. I'm much better at cooking then the crafty stuff, but might give it a whirl.